Carpet Cleaning

carpetThe professional carpet cleaning procedure ensures the healthy environment at home and creates a unique atmosphere of cosiness and freshness. All too often, regular vacuuming is merely enough for keeping the carpets germ and dirt – free so some assistance is always useful. You don’t have to carry your carpets anywhere in order to get them cleaned. Book a carpet cleaning service and a team of experienced cleaning technicians will be right on your front door in no time.

How much will it cost?

We take pride in being among the few companies that has found the happy medium between delivering excellent cleaning services and the reasonable prices. Our cleaning procedures are budget – friendly and every London citizen is more than welcome to take a look at our list of various affordable cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning package is, by all means, not intended to pose a financial difficulty.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


  • Landing Carpet
    from  £4
  • Bedroom Carpet
    from  £23
  • Livingroom Carpet
    from  £25
  • Armchair
    from  £18
  • Two Seat Sofa
    from  £30
  • Three Seat Sofa
    from  £45
  • Flight of Stairs
    from  £25
  • *Minimum call out charge of £48

What is included in the price?

Despite the sensible price, the carpet cleaning service includes all the procedures required for achieving the excellent results every customer expects from booking with us:

  • Our cleaning experts will move the furniture if necessary
  • Any stains will be appropriately treated
  • We will ensure all the cleaning supplies needed
  • The best cleaning equipment will be used as well
  • The time for drying will be reduced due to the powerful industrial driers used
  • And a final touch – up – deodorising the cleaned carpets

Who we are?

We are a reputable cleaning company, famous for providing professional cleaning services in all London areas. Our brand is commonly associated with reliability, flexibility, affordability, accuracy and friendly attitude towards every customer. You can hardly meet someone who considers our services to be unsatisfactory or too expensive. As far as the carpet cleaning service itself is concerned, the quality is second to none. The dexterity of our cleaning experts and the combination of traditional and modern cleaning equipment they use, guarantees the cleanliness you deserve. We give every customer the freedom to choose the carpet cleaning method – a dry carpet cleaning or hot water extraction. They both have their own features and advantages but they undoubtedly lead to impressive final results and freshness that lingers long after our cleaning professionals leave your premises.

Why choosing us?

Booking a carpet cleaning service with us is a great investment in your health and reputation of being a good host. The lack of dust particles, stuck into the fibres, prevents a lot of unpleasant health issues and helps you avoid the embarrassment when your guests step on a dirty carpet that looks like it hasn’t been taken care of recently. Save yourself all the unnecessary hassle and let us put the skills, we have acquired, into practice. All the employees we have are experienced and knowledgeable. They are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering an efficient carpet cleaning procedure.

What is our working time?

We truly understand that your free time is too precious to be wasted and sometimes the challenging tasks you face up to on daily basis can make you forget about scheduling a cleaning service. That’s why we are available seven days a week, 365 days per year. Call us at your earliest convenience and we assure you that the carpet cleaning procedure will take place at the most appropriate day and time, no matter if it is a weekend or a holiday. Our call centre representatives will book the most convenient to you slot. However, the price will remain as low as it was initially agreed.