About us

We are a company, located in London, which provide long-term cleaning solutions for your home and office. Whatever your requirements are, we can fulfil them and offer you much more. We have many proposals for you, including free transportation to every address in London, many discounts, affordable cleaning prices and individual offers, you will receive prepared, especially for you. You won’t find more attractive proposals than ours,so take advantage of them now. We have affordable prices for all London citizens and try to be accessible, while providing our highly qualitative services.

Our company can do a number of cleaning tasks like:

  • vacuum cleaning of your upholstered furniture
  • steam cleaning the carpets and rugs
  • without a problem our cleaners can remove every stain in your upholstery
  • we will brush the dust from every place in your home
  • disinfect the premises very well
  • all the mould will be effectively removed from your walls and we will spray for not appearing again.

Every room in your house, flat or office room, will be brought into its sparklingly clean condition. Our services are flexible and are provided according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

After we estimate the number of cleaners, needed for the work and the necessary cleaning equipment, we will send our team to your place. Soon after they finish you will enjoy the immaculate cleanness in your home. You don’t need to pay too much for ordinary home cleaning procedures. Our cleaning services cost is calculated according to the acreage of the cleaned area and the procedures, done to it. So whether you need one off or regular maintaining of your property, we can provide you the best cleaning solutions for your home. Call now and reserve your procedures in a time, which most suits you. Our team will make sure to arrange everything in advance.